Tuesday, 2 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 1 - Red

On Instagram, during the month of September, there is a challenge to complete 31 days of nail polish and nail art prompts. Each day has a different prompt and I will be trying my best to complete them all. Because the challenge started on the 1st of September, which was yesterday, I had to catch up, so I have two blog posts for you today.

The first post is for the first prompt of #31DC2014 - Red Nails. 

Edgy French Tip Nail Art

These are inspired by some nail art I learned at the nail stars Melbourne event thanks to Maria from sonalicious.com. They're all freehanded using no tools. It was my first time doing this design on actual nails and it was a bit of a challenge but they still look quite edgy and cool!

The polishes I used are all by Ulta3: Cloud Nine, Black Satin and Sizzling Red. Because I was rushing to get two lots of nails done, they are a little messy but I'm loving them to get the ball rolling for this month. 

Edgy French Tip Nail Art

Edgy French Tip Nail Art

Edgy French Tip Nail Art

I'd like to thank Chalkboard Nails for organising this event and I hope you're as excited as I am about this challenge. Let's hope I can finish it!

The prompts from http://www.chalkboardnails.com/
- Melissa

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