Friday, 19 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 19 - Galaxy

Went out for dinner last night instead of painting my nails. Was totally worth it for the amount of food I ate! It does mean I'm running a day behind so will be doing two designs today to make up for it. Yesterday's prompt was galaxy nails, something I've never attempted before, but they turned out alright.

I had been planning to add a Dr Who spin to these nails but the galaxy alone was over the top enough as it was. After all, what's a galaxy without sparkly star glitter, hex glitter and tiny tiny glitter sparkles.

Now, there are a lot of nail polishes used in these. I'll do a basic list but not say which go where because it be like writing an essay and no one has time for that!
- Bella Belle Nail Couture - Jet, Snow, Smell the Roses, Coral, Lavender Fields, Anchors Aweigh, Fast Dry Top Coat
- Ulta3 - Twinkle Toes (placed glitter)
- Shades of Phoenix - Selene and star glitter
- Sinful Colors - Secret Admirer 

In my opinion, these haven't photographed as well as I had hoped, they look slightly blurred, but how can we expect a camera to capture awesomeness? Anyway, later tonight I'll take these off (reluctantly) to do some water marbling for today's prompt.

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