Saturday, 27 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 25 - Inspired by Fashion

Catching up very slowly...these are only two days late! Inspired by fashion was a hard prompt...I don't follow fashion much so much suggested two possible fashion labels for me. I settled on doing some nail art inspired by the 1960s Pucci dress shown in the picture below.

I liked this dress because it was pretty simple to see how it could be turned into nail art. Besides, I actually don't mind water marbling and this gave me another opportunity to give water marbling ago. However, these don't look much like I had in mind at least in the pictures. All the colours look washed out and it's annoying because in real life they're much brighter. Ergh, you win (my previous design, big win) as many as you lose (today's design bummer) I guess.

However the marbling was once more made a breeze with my Bella Belle nail couture polishes. Like seriously, da best polishes...LOVE THEM! Like who needs a boyfriend when I have Bella Belle Nail Couture Polishes? Because I sure as hell don't haha. Anyway, I used Snow, Smell the Roses, Lavender Fields, Lagoon, Bluebell and Sunrise. 

I'm going to catch up tomorrow, I swear! I have the next few things picked out already so hopefully I won't have too many more fails :P

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