Tuesday, 16 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 16 - Geometric Pattern

Geometry is shapes, at least that's what I think when I here geometry. Random shapes in random sizes with random properties. Of course the definition of geometry is probably a lot more complex than that but hey; I’m a scientist, not a mathematician. Therefore, to me, geometric patterns are those comprised of random shapes. I’m going to say that because that’s what I have for you today, a skittle manicure made up of random shapes, thus a geometric pattern....here’s hoping :P

Geometric Nails

See, this manicure has a little of everything. Some random chevrons (totally a shape, not a pattern :P), some squares and dots, more dots and random splodge shapes on my pinky.  I think my favourites are the pinky pattern and I liked the chevrons before I added the black lines.

As for the polishes I used, I pulled out my favourite Bella Belle Nail Couture polishes and went from there. To be specific the colours are Coral, Mint Leaf, Snow and Jet all topped with HK Girl top coat by glisten and glow. Also used nail vinyl's from nailvinyls.com for the chevrons.

Tomorrow is GLITTER! I LOVE SPARKLES! Enthusiasm for this challenge commence again :D

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