Saturday, 20 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 20 - Water Marble

Day 20 called for water marbling. I actually don't mind water marbling, especially since discovering Bella Belle nail polishes which marble like a dream. I had another design in mind, but ended up with this instead.

Water Marble Nail Art
Anyway, I was going to do a rainbow, colourful water marble with a pattern and instead ended up with this. It is inspired by a tutorial by ohmygoshpolish. The problem with these is that some of the designs dragged when I added a top coat, insert sad face here. However, these do look like the traditional water marbling you did in art as a kid, so for that reason, I'll deal with the slight dragging.

The polishes I used are all by Bella Belle Nail Couture:
- Coral
- Lavender Fields
- Snow
- Jet
- Fast Dry and Base

The only problem with marbling is the mess it makes! However I'll probably do some more designs in the future after the 31 day challenge is finished. Tomorrow the themes get a bit more abstract, so it should call for some interesting nail art. 

Water Marble Nail Art

Water Marble Nail Art

Water Marble Nail Art

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