Tuesday, 9 September 2014

#31D2014 - Day 9 - Rainbow (+pictorial)

Rainbow nails! Rainbow's just make me so happy and these nails are definitely doing that. I had a really firm picture in mind for these so I'm really please with how they turned out.

Rainbow Chevron Nail Art

The polishes used in this are:

Emily de Molly - Version 2
Bella Belle Nail Couture - Jet, Snow, Sunset, Coral, Smell the Roses, Sunrise, Lagoon (plus top coat and base coat)
Ulta3 - Honolulu

I also used Nail Vinyl's by nailvinyls.com and studs from the born pretty store. Pictorial for the chevron nails is below.

Rainbow Chevron Nail Art Tutorial

1. Paint your nails white and wait for it to dry 
2. Using a small nail art brush, brush a line of yellow polish onto the white.
3. Next, use the same brush (cleaned of course), add a line of orange above the yellow.
4. Use the same brush method to add a line of red.
5. Continue adding lines of polish until you have a rainbow. Add a fast dry top coat and wait for it to dry.
6. Once the top coat is completely dry, use the nail vinyl's to mark off your nail, over the rainbow, as shown.
7. Paint black polish over your nail vinyl's.
8. Immediately remove the nail vinyl's (do not wait for the polish to dry). Wait a few minutes and apply a fast dry top coat.
9. Show off your masterpiece.

Loving these so much. I don't ever wanna remove them. Unfortunately got another prompt tomorrow, which is gradient, so we'll see how that goes.

Rainbow Chevron Nail Art

Rainbow Chevron Nail Art

Rainbow Chevron Nail Art

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