About Me!

Me at the Giant Panda Conservation Centre in Sichuan Province China! (July, 2014) 

HI! My name is Melissa, I am 21 years old and from a small town in Victoria, Australia. I have just finished a Bachelor of Science degree and want to be a Mycologist, because fungi are fun. 

Some more about me. I have my black belt in Tae kwon-do although I am out of practice. I love to travel and have been to Europe and China this year but I hate flying! I think mushrooms are beautiful both under the microscope and in nature and they are the only thing I can photograph successfully besides my nails. (I'll think of more things later :P)

My Nail art Journey

As for nail art, I've actually always been pretty terrible at painting my nails but in late 2012, I discovered nail art. Although I couldn't paint my nails a single colour, I thought this was something I could do and so my first attempts at nail art were made. They were pretty terrible but I decided to start my first nail art blog in march 2013, despite this. 

Due to the fact I went overseas at the end of 2013-2014, this blog fell inactive and I stopped doing nail art for a short period of time. However at the start of 2014, I found the nail art community of instagram and joined it's ranks as 1 polish, 5 designs. I wanted to show the versatility of one nail polish, for those girls who don't own 100 polishes but still want to do something interesting to their nails. So my second blog, was formed. However, I was finding that I was doing a lot of nail art that wasn't fitting into my idea of 1 polish, 5 designs and the point of my blog was being lost. 

So that brings us to now and Clavum es. Clavum es is my place to post all the nail art and swatches I do,  plus post those designs I do for 1 polish, 5 designs, which will be tagged as such. 

I'm still very much a newbie in terms of nail art but hopefully you'll see me approve as I continue with my journey. So I thank you for reading all this and stopping by! I hope you enjoy my nail art and please do follow and leave comments as I love to hear what you think!

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