Saturday, 30 August 2014

Bella Belle Nail Couture - Water Marbling and Sparkles

A new indie discovery of mine is Bella Belle Nail Couture. This indie brand is Australian and made not far from where I live in Victoria. Bella Belle Nail Couture boasts one of the most amazing collection on indie cream polishes I've seen which are supposedly amazing for water marbling. Of course, my water marbling skills are not the best, but I had to see if these polishes were worth the hype. 

Short answer, yes, yes they are worth the hype! 

Water Marble Nail Art

This is my attempt at water marbling with the Bella Belle In Full Bloom Collection over a base of Anchors Aweigh, also by Bella Belle Nail Couture. 

Let's start with the base shall we? Anchors Aweigh is jam packed with silver glitters in a clear base. You could wear it over a polish to make it look like fairy dust but it was opaque in three coats on it's own and sparkled amazingly.  I love this polish so much and it would be amazing for accent nails.

For the actual water marble, I used all of the In Full Bloom collection and clear polish by ulta3. I just added a few drops of one colour, a drop of clear, the next colour and so on. I then used a pin to draw the design and kind of dunked my fingers in where I thought there was a pretty pattern. These polishes spread brilliantly in the water I used and are definitely the best polishes I've used for water marbling so far.

Oh, I also used Bella Belle Nail Coutures base and top coat. The top coat is amazing. It dried fairly quickly but it actually smelt really good. How rare is it for a top coat to smell good?

The only change I would make to this design is to add a few more drops of each polish in the water marble, so they are more opaque over the base colour but otherwise I love how this turned out. Will definitely be doing more water marbling with these polishes soon (and maybe getting some more in the near future)

Water Marble Nail Art

Water Marble Nail Art

Water Marble Nail Art

Water Marble Nail Art

- Melissa

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