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Nail Stars - Melbourne 2014

Nail Stars - Melbourne 2014

One day, while doing my daily instagram trawl, I came across the exciting announcement that Maria, from So Nailicious, and Chelsea, from Trophy Wife, were pairing up to teach some exclusive nail art sessions. I immediately decided I wanted to attend as I've admired both Maria and Chelsea's work for a very long time. All I had to do was find a friend to drag along with me and book some tickets.

My friend, Caroline, and I elected to attend the 4.30-7.30pm class so I would have time to travel up to Melbourne for the event. We arrived at Trophy Wife Salon at 4.30pm, a beautifully set up building right in the heart of Richmond, and were immediately greeted by Chelsea and Maria. I was pretty excited by this but managed to contain myself as we sat down and dug into our awesome Ulta3 goody bags, the sponsors for the event.

Me getting way too excited in Chelsea's beautiful salon. Plus showing some naked nails!
Nail Stars - Melbourne 2014
Our ulta3 goodies
Nail Stars - Melbourne 2014
Caroline with her Ulta3 bag

By this stage I was pretty overwhelmed by all the pretties and wanted to use all da polishes but thankfully Maria and Chelsea started the class before I could get carried away. We split into two groups and first up we had Maria teach us all about the wonderful world of geometric French tips and the correct way to use a stripping brush <-- One of the best things I learned all day. Apart from getting distracted by Maria's perfect fingers, we learned a few different technique for some funky French tips which will be coming your way shortly.

Nail Stars - Melbourne 2014
Maria teaching us how to use a stripping brush correctly
Nail Stars - Melbourne 2014
Some designs we worked on
Nail Stars - Melbourne 2014
My attempts at Maria's desgins. On the table are Maria's versions which were flawless!
  After a delicious break, which involved and amazing passion-fruit cake thing which I may have gotten everywhere in my race to woof it down, we finished up with Maria by learning how to do a cute sunset gradient with palm trees, which I don't have a picture of. 

After finishing with Maria we bid her a fond farewell so she could go teach the other group and welcomed Chelsea into our fold to teach us some of Trophy Wife's signature looks. We learned some more cool geometric techniques, my favourite being the waffle nail which is a simple technique that looks super effective. We also learned how to create a fruit salad on our false fingers, which were all super cute and once again will be coming your way shortly.

Nail Stars - Melbourne 2014
Chelsea supervising some nail art (sorry for the blurry action shot).
Nail Stars - Melbourne 2014
The waffle nail! Man I love this look so much!

Basically that completed out session and I had to rush off to catch a train and so didn't get any pictures with Maria and Chelsea themselves. However I just wanted to say Maria was amazing with her awesome outfit and passion for nail art, which really inspired my friend Caroline (and of course myself) to keep practising. She also really inspired me to keep up with my blogging and sharing my nail art with the world.

As for Chelsea she had the most amazing pink hair which I wish I could pull off and an amazing attitude. The passion she had for her salon was evident and her talent at nail art even more so. I can't wait to create her fruit salad nails as they make me so hungry and I definitely think I owe her a bottle of wine for the amazing work she put into the day!

Overall I am so glad I decided to attend this class, and I think Caroline is happy she was dragged along. I had an awesome day, met some awesome people and more importantly, learned some awesome nail art skills. I also challenged myself to recreate the nails Maria was wearing on the day by using the stripping brush technique I learned. I will be posting these tomorrow so look out for that and all the other nail art I will be posting, inspired by this event which I will tag with nailstarsmelbourne for easy reference.

I definitely recommend checking out so nailicious for some drool worthy nails and beauty tips and a trip to the Trophy Wife salon if you want some epic nail art done or even want awesome pink hair like Chelsea's :D 

Nail Stars - Melbourne 2014
All the designs we worked on. Chelsea's designs are at the front, Maria's at the back
- Melissa

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  1. Fantastic post! Thanks for sharing Melissa and thank you for coming! So glad to hear you've enjoyed the class! Hopefully next time we'll get all group photos done ;) xx