Monday, 18 August 2014

Arcane Lacquer - Sanpuru 20 - Swatch

I missed swatch Sunday so I shall make up for it today. The other day I brought some polishes from Arcane Lacquer, including a sample polish (meaning one off and exclusive, coolness). I had my eye on a few other sample shades but unfortunately could only snag this one. It's called Sampuru 20  and here are some swatches (click to see more).

These swatches show three coats of Sampuru 20 plus a coat of HK Girl top coat. Unfortunately these pictures don't show the true beauty of this shade as I've taken them at night. Sanpuru 20 is actually a beautiful greenish blue base with blue shimmers. It definitely reminds me of mermaids. I'm thinking about doing some nail art on top of this tomorrow if I get time, so hopefully I'll have another post up in the next few days with some better pictures, showing more accurate colourations.

I do love this polish and I'm glad it's all mine. Unfortunately though you may notice my cuticle are really dry. I've actually had to edit out all the hangnails I have at the moment :P Therefore my nail art and blog posts might be a little slower in the coming week/s!


- Melissa

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