Friday, 8 August 2014

Gladiolus Nail Art

I have another instagram prompt inspired nail art for you today. The prompt was Gladiolus and I came up with a sort of single gladiolus, ruffian thing.  Once again, my free hand skills are not that good, so sorry about that, but more images are available just click to read more.

The base of this mani is I Vant to be a Lone Star by OPI. The gladiolus ruffian thing is all done in acrylic paint with a cheap-o paint brush I brought the other day. These look a lot better from a distance but had to take close ups for the blog :P

Once again I am a little meh about this but one thing I do love is my new nail length. I've decided to keep them short or nubs or whatever you want to call it, as I think they're adorable.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed!


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