Sunday, 12 October 2014

Zombie Nail Art - Part 1

So October means Halloween, at least if you're a country that celebrates Halloween. In Australia it means, end of semester for most Uni students and cramming for exams. Or, if you're me, it means you have nothing better to do than participate in the Halloween spirit, even though I won't get the chance to dress up and ask strangers for lollies.

Halloween brings about so many inspirations for nail art. From black cats to pumpkins, there are so many opportunities for creativity. I decided to shun those traditional versions of Halloween nails and produce some art works that will really complete your outfit for the big day. I'll be producing a series of about 5 nail arts, for a variety of, what I believe, to be common costumes. The added bonus of my coming Halloween nail art is that there will be filmed tutorials uploaded to my new Youtube channel so you can get the look yourself!!! 

Without further ado, here is part one of the first look, Zombie Nails!

Zombie Nails

I have had this idea in mind for a while. I think I've seen similar art before but I put my own spin on it. It's actually super simple to do and would be super simple to complete at last minute on your way out to a costume party.

For these nails I used:
MckFresh Nail Attire - Dusty Money
Ulta3 - On the Green, Frog Prince and Sizzling Red

This is only one part of the full art I produced. The full version also shows how to zombie-fy your entire hand using face paint. This could be used to fully complete your outfit. I'll be posting part 2 for this design tomorrow.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the coming Halloween series and I urge you all to check out my youtube and subscribe if you like my nail art.

Zombie Nails

Zombie Nails

Zombie Nails

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