Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Shades of Phoenix - Samhain - Swatch

It's almost Halloween and I haven't bothered to try any of my indie polishes made for Halloween yet! I'm going to make up for that immediately and give you a swatch of one such polish. This is Samhain by Shades of Phoenix which is one part of their Halloween duo.

Before we go any further, I'd like to say I am not happy about this swatch. I thought I had gotten really decent coverage then I took the photo's and realised how terrible I had applied it. Therefore these photo's look really patchy but I promise, in real life, you'd barely notice.

As for Samhain itself. The polish base is black jelly with suspended mini orangey glitters, larger green hex glitter and blueish shard glitter. Truthfully, there are probably other glitter shapes in there but I'm not the best at naming glitters.

As for formula, this is two dabbed coats plus one coat normally applied. I have used one coat of HK Girl Top Coat on top but this still wasn't enough to smooth down dome of the glitters. I was having real problems with the blue shards sitting flat but this might be because of how short my nails are again.

In summary, in person, I quite liked these but the photo's really isn't doing Samhain any justice. 

Currently Shades of Phoenix is closed due to a house move but will be reopening soon. I'm unsure if Samhain will still be available when the store reopens though. To keep up to date with the store updates, new collections and exclusive polishes, join the facebook group here.

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