Thursday, 23 October 2014

Cartoon Zombie Nail Art

Something a little more traditional for Halloween nails instead of the whole hand look I've been doing. Zombies are kind of creepy if you look at something like I am Legend (that movie freaks me out), but turn them into cartoons and they are adorable!

So I did some googling and came up with a basic idea of what a cartoon zombie should look like. I then drew some concepts and made my own version of a cartoon zombie family. I think these are adorable and perfect for those who want to celebrate Halloween all month long instead of just on the actual day of Halloween. I mean, I don't celebrate Halloween so I'm not sure if people actually do that but it does seem to be a pretty big deal in places like America.

These zombie nails were all hand painted by me using all Ulta3 nail polishes. The list is slightly long but they were:

On the Green
Frog Prince
Lily White
Black Satin
Strawberry Sundae
Tone it Up
Sizzling Red

Anyway, hope you like these. I think they are cute but I wouldn't go hugging one. I don't want to be a zombie :P

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