Thursday, 2 October 2014

Toya-Jade - New Polish Collection - Swatches

Toya-Jade is an Australian indie polish brand who has just relaunched themselves with some new polishes. There are three new polishes released for this relaunch, which are So Pretty, Spell Bound and Pinkle. Sherilee, the face behind the brand, was also nice enough to include an extra polish in my package, which is called Tooof Fairy, which is from an older release (I believe). 

I have swatches of all the new polishes after the jump and also a swatch of Tooof Fairy for good measure!

First up is Spell Bound

Spell Bound is a duochrome polish that shirts from a greenish colour to a coppery colour.  It has a lovely shimmer to it and an easy to apply formula. 

In the swatch here I have three coats of Spell Bound plus one coat of HK Girl Top Coat. This polish was actually opaque in just two coats on my nubs, but for consistency in the swatches, I added three coats. 

It was very difficult for my camera to capture the true colour shift of this polish. In real life it's much more noticeable. I quite like this polish as it's super fun to hold my nails up at different angles and watch how Spell Bound changes.

The second Toya-Jade polish I have to show you is So Pretty

So Pretty is a coral coloured, slightly jelly, polish, which is slightly more pink in real life than shown in these swatches.  Scattered throughout the polish are micro glitters that give So Pretty a subtle shimmer that catches the light.

On my short nails, this was opaque in three thicker coats, shown in these images. If you don't like the sheer look and have longer nails, I would probably consider adding a base polish before using So Pretty. In these swatches it's three coats of So Pretty plus a top coat of HK Girl.

This is super pretty! I'm loving it. It definitely deserves it's name of So Pretty seeing as that's what I kept saying while I was swatching it.

The final polish in from the new release is Pinkle

Pinkle is a silver-ish purple base polish with a blueish pink shimmer throughout. It is quite sheer but builds to an opaque, metallic-ish finish.

In these swatches I used three coats of Pinkle, plus one coat of HK Girl Top Coat. For me, three coats was just enough for the polish to be opaque but this might vary on different length nails. I would also consider wearing this with a base if you're worried about visible nail lines, but in my opinion, Pinkle doesn't really need it.

This is definitely my favourite of the three polishes, which is surprising as I wasn't expecting to love it. It is very delicate and girly but has enough shimmer and colour to be interesting.

Finally is a bonus swatch of the extra polish I received, Tooof Fairy

Tooof Fairy is a glitter topper with a lot of different glitters. To be exact I believe there are: 
- Purple, blue, brown, grey large hex glitter,  
- Greenish small hex glitter, 
- Purple and pink circle glitter,
- Pink diamond glitter,
- Tiny scatter blue, pink, purple and silver glitter.

For the swatches it's one coat of Tooof Fairy normally applied over the Pinkle Swatch from earlier. I added a second coat of polish dabbed to distribute glitter. I then placed some more glitter where it was a bit bare. I added one coat of HK Girl Top Coat to smooth it all over.

I, truthfully, don't wear or own a lot of glitter toppers. I like the combination of Tooof Fairy over Pinkle however. If glitter toppers are your thing this would be for you though :D 

If you're interested in any of these, Toya-Jade polishes are available from Raised Vibrations on Etsy. Currently Toya-Jade polishes only ship to Australia though, so sorry for international viewers! 

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