Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Gothic Red Lace Nail Art

Finally have some new nail art to share after the finish of the 30 day challenge. Not really sure what inspired these but wanted to use a combination of red, black and silver, so this is what I've come up with... some Gothic Lace nails.

Gothic Nail Art
Ok, so I attempted free hand lace. I think it came out looking a little too messy and not so delicate because of the brush I was using. It's probably something to work on, but I'm likely not going to repeat the experiment any time soon, it's too fiddly.

All the polishes I used are by Bella Belle Nail Couture including:
- Ruby Slippers
- Jet
- Anchors Aweigh
- Champagne & Chandeliers
- Fast dry top coat and base coat

As it's now October, I'm going to have some goals. The first of which is to work on hand poses because I'm not a hand model but I'm getting bored of looking at my own hands. Also, I'm going to hopefully post a couple of Halloween nail art including tutorials (hopefully filmed!). Look forward to it :P

Gothic Nail Art

Gothic Nail Art

Gothic Nail Art

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