Sunday, 26 October 2014

Halloween water marble!

By now you'll realise that I quite like a good water marble. However you'll also realise I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to what polishes I normally use for water marbling. Well, today I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try some new polishes. It was a struggle but eventually I came up with this. 

I had gotten complacent with polishes spreading like butter on warm toast. These polishes did not spread like butter. In fact all my tests were utter failures until I thinned out my nail polishes somewhat and prayed to the water marbling gods. I think only one of those two things worked, because I still couldn't get this to work amazingly well but I did get something I kind of liked.

Now, I've previously said I used different polishes than normal. I tried to use Ulta3 nail polishes to marble with.  Now, I think if  you're Ulta3 polishes are newer than mine, they should actually work and spread in the water. Mine were a little old and therefore a bit clumpy, which is why I had to thin them out slightly. Colour wise I used:
Lily White
Black Satin
Bright Me

Anyway, these are actually just a base. I added some stuff on top of it in the theme of Halloween, which also inspired the colours for this water marble. I have filmed a full tutorial for both the water marble and the complete look, but I can't complete it as I have no voice to do the voice over. Therefore there will be a tutorial for these soon, will post the complete look when it's up!

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