Saturday, 7 February 2015

Sunday Swatch Time - Prettypots Polish - Snowstorm Paramour

It's Sunday and you know what that means? It's time for another swatch! Today's swatch is the pretty in pink, Snowstorm Paramour by Pretty Pots Polish.

I am not going to lie to you, this polish looks pretty enough on the nail but I would probably never wear it again. The application process was terrible, I couldn't get any glitter (apart from the tiny blue hexes) on the brush and therefore had to fish out all the other glitter, with a toothpick, to get any glitter coverage. Let's a take a look at the bottle shot to see what the issue was.

Snowstorn Paramour is a jelly glitter polish with various hex glitters, bar glitter, large circle glitters and scattered silver glitter. However the base polish itself is very thin and sheer, meaning the glitter does not suspend throughout the polish and instead just settles to the bottom (I took this bottle shot very quickly after tipping the polish upside-down for a while but the glitter still sunk almost immediately). Therefore getting the glitter from the bottle to the nail is a nearly impossible task...unless you use a toothpick and patience like I did.

In the swatches, I used one normal coat of polish, one layer of placed glitter, one normal coat of polish, plus some more placed glitter. All up I think I used about four coats of Snowstorm Paramour and I still wasn't overly happy with the finish so I added one thick coat of HK Girl Top coat. Even after this the large circle glitters weren't behaving and pretty much immediately after I took these picture I lost some glitter due to it catching on my clothes.

In conclusion, if you have patience, and really love this polish, it might be for you. But for me, I'd rather easier application and so would probably give this one a miss.

(Prettypots Polish currently doesn't have an active shop but I think I purchased this polish through Powder Perfect, which you can google.)

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