Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Knitted Inspiration Nail Art

Let's call this a collaboration between my Mum and I. My nail art here was inspired by some gloves my Mum knitted, using wool we dyed together. You can check out my Mum's knitting blog, Knitographical, because eventually she'll put up proper pictures of the gloves (and wool and everything). Until then, you can see sneak peaks of the gloves in my pictures and see how they inspired my nail art.

Knitted Inspiration nail art

So this all started back when Mum decided to dye her own wool. I helped out with that process and we ended up with some pretty pink, yellow, camo and orange-ish wool, which we're calling sunrise/sunset. Eventually I decided the wool needed to become gloves, so my Mum knitted some up for me. Because my Mum and I are both bloggers, she needed some pictures for her blog, and because my nails were visible, I needed some nail art to match. I initially started off with a water marble in mind, but it was a massive fail, so I picked out the greenish colour in the wool to be the base and added the colours of the wool in with sparkles.

I'm not sure how to describe the nail art technique here. I painted my base colour, then added drops of coloured polish over that and smooshed it everywhere with a plastic bag. So whatever that is, that's the technique used here. I added studs because I felt they were needed.

The colours used in the nail art were:
Celestial Cosmetics - Meteoroid
Bella Belle Nail Couture - Indian Summer, Sand
Grace-full Nail Polish - Dusty Pink
MckFresh Nail Attire - Wind
Glisten and Glow - HK Girl Top Coat
Born Pretty Store - Gold Studs

Now I just want to thank my little bro for these pictures. It was commented by one of mum's knitting friends that these gloves would look perfect at a cafe, holding a hot chocolate, with the snow. Unfortunately for us in Australia, that's not a likely occurrence but we wanted to replicate the vision anyway. So my brother and I had Iced Chocolate and Iced Mocha in 30ÂșC weather, wearing gloves, because that's what you do in the name of art!

Knitted Inspiration nail art

Knitted Inspiration nail art

Knitted Inspiration nail art

Nails and my Drink

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