Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sunday Swatch Time - Grace-full Nail Polish - Trudi

Ok, so here is a swatch for you because it's Sunday. Keeping in the theme of pink/red/lovey dovey colours, I chose to swatch Trudi by Grace-full Nail Polish.

Ok, so in the swatches below I used three coats of Trudi plus one coat of HK Girl Top Coat.

Trudi is a pinkish purple polish with large circle glitter, pink diamond glitter, some square glitter and  vareity of hex glitter. Pretty much it has every glitter you can imagine in shades of pink and golden orange. The very definition of a glitter bomb.

Application wise, I thought it applied relatively easy but looking back on my pictures I can't help but notice the kind of bare patches were the glitter has pulled. However this wasn't much of an issue in person seeing as I only noticed it in the pictures. 

I would say that if you have difficulties applying glitter bombs (or you've never applied them before) you might have some troubles with this, especially with the larger circles, but no fishing is required and practice makes perfect. 

I totally adore this colour! Next time I'd try a bit harder to get the glitter evenly applied on all nails but it's beautiful anyway!

Grace-full nail polish can be purchased from etsy. All products are brought by myself and reviewed because I can.

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