Saturday, 6 December 2014

Freckles Nail Art

Not really sure what to call this nail art. It kind of reminds me of donuts but that wasn't intentional. I did these with no plan and they kind of came out pretty cool.

For these I basically just grabbed the first nail vinyls I could find and placed them on my nails. The first nail vinyls I grabbed happened to be half moons and this was the pattern I came up with. I then painted white polish over the top and removed the vinyls. I wasn't happy with the negative space look so decided to add the neon glitter of Polish Me Silly - Freckles to the gaps. For randomness they turned out alright.

The products I used are:
Polish Me Silly - Freckles
China Glaze - White on White - Half Moon nail vinyls
Bella Belle Nail Couture - Top Coat

Hope you like them.

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