Monday, 29 December 2014

Picture Polish - Nude - Swatch

Swatches are not really my forte but I stopped and took a quick couple of pictures of Nude by Picture Polish before I did some nail art on top. Anyways might as well share the pictures, so here they are.

So Nude is quite a sheer polish and it took four thin coats for full coverage. It's self leveling and is quite glossy by itself but I added a fast dry top coat to cut down on drying time (Not that it helped much, you can still see where I smudged it).

I like Nude because it's more of a yellow tinged nude coloured polish rather than with pinkish undertones. As I already have three nude polishes with pink undertones, this is nice for a change.

I will have some nail art featuring Nude coming your way tomorrow but yay for simple swatches!

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