Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Stamped Nails

So I managed to find a Christmas related stamping image in my collection of stamping plates. It just also happens that I had some Celestial Cosmetic stamping polishes to test. Thus today's nail art!

I've recently been having a lot of difficulties with stamping because my nails are so curved and I haven't been able to transfer the entire image. However I got a squishy stamper and now, having finally figure out how it works, I'm loving stamping again.

Ok, so polish wise aand stuff I used:
Celestial Cosmetics - Let it Snow, Snow and Demin
Glisten and Glow - HK Girl Top Coat
Born Pretty Store - Stamping Image (Item #6947)

So I said I had some stamping polishes to try from Celestial Cosmetics. The white polish did not show up well over the light base but I think it'll work fine over a darker one. As for the blue, it worked brilliantly, although the clean up was slightly difficult as you may see (more like I'm too lazy for proper clean up).

Leaving it at that, I'm going to aim for some more Australian Christmas nails soon.

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