Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bliss Kiss Nail Oil - Let's Get Naked Challenge

Recently I was lucky enough to win a prize in Simple Nail Art Tips 100k Facebook Giveaway. The prize was a starter kit of their raved about (at least by a lot of girls on instagram) Pure Nail Oil in the scent Summer. I've been wanting to try this nail oil for ages but was uncertain of whether it would work for me and therefore was reluctant to ship it in all the way from America just for it not to work. So thankfully I got this opportunity to try before I buy (and I definitely will be buying more). 

When I got the Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil in the mail, it suggested you start using the oil by doing an intense, three day hydration challenge, also know as the Let's Get Naked Challenge. This involves removing all nail polish and then applying small amounts of nail oil on your nails and cuticles, reapplying whenever you feel the oil has been absorbed. Well that's my description anyway, the full details are found here.

So without further ado, here are my nails (on my left hand anyway) before I started the hydration challenge.

 So before the challenge the most obvious thing was that my nails were peeling quite badly and that my cuticles were quite dry which was especially evident on my index finger.

After applying Bliss Kiss for the first time, I noticed a visible reduction in the nail peeling issue. However I also noticed another issue and that was the smell of the oil itself. I won the summer fragrance and I have real issues with smelly things. The scent is kind of hard to describe and it wasn't really to my liking. However this was a gift and I would suggest that, if you don't like smelly things, just buy the unscented version of the oil. Although, after three days of application, I barely notice the scent anymore, so you could also just acclimatize yourself to the smell :P

Anyways, I had to reapply the oil quite often over the next 24 hours because my nails were just so thirsty.

After 24 hours, this is what my nails were looking like. My peeling was about 100 times better although the nails themselves were still a little dry. Also the skin around my nails was much more hydrated but once again, my index finger was still quite dry and scaly. However, just comparing DAY 1 to the BEFORE picture, you can see a massive improvement. 

I did had another complaint this day though and it was that this oil just seemed to make my nails attract dirt. I mean, it's kind of obvious that they would attract dirt, being so moisturised and stuff but I hate having dirt under my nails and I had slight problems with this. Also I kept insisting to pat my cat this day and the hair got everywhere. But this isn't really a complaint against the oil because you can just wipe the dirt off or avoid patting cute fluffy animals for a few hours. I know, difficult but you can do it!

The difference between DAY 1 and DAY 2 might not be overly apparent. This is because I got a tad lazy at the hydrating thing on day two. However my nails after 48 hours were looking much less dry and felt less dry too. Also the index finger was feeling less dry, although not necessarily looking it. I had no complaints this day, other than wishing the starter kit had slightly more oil in it because I never want it to run out.

And finally, my nails after 72 hours. By then they were feeling much healthier. Even after showering they were staying strong and the cuticles and nails weren't peeling. Also the skin on my index finger was much smoother. Just to show how much differences was made in three days, there is a comparison below.

Not much to be said that hasn't been said. There is quite an obvious difference in just three days and I think, with continual use, my nails will definitely be loving life.

Ana, the creator of Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil, has a website where you can purchase this oil plus other products. She also has a heap of articles on her website about why the oil works and pretty much everything you need to know about nails in general, so check it out if you're interested.

I'd just like to give a quick shout out to Ana from Simple Nail Art Tips/creator of Bliss Kiss, for hosting such an awesome giveaway and giving me a chance to try this product! It's awesome!

Oh and by the way, my right hand also got the Bliss Kiss Treatment and it's also feeling loved and moisturised, I just can't take pictures of my right hand because my left hand is a weakling. Grow up left hand! 

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