Monday, 22 December 2014

Mini Present Nail Art

If you're ever feeling sad, just remember the little things in life < That right there is pretty much my new life motto. However by little things I mean itty baby things, like baby giraffes and kitties and puppies and teeny tiny nail polish bottles. I have recently obtained some baby nail polishes from my Ulta3 Advent calender. In tribute to the adorableness of these bottles, I decided to do some tiny Christmas nail art in way of tiny presents.

This nail art didn't quite result how I was hoping. Instead of looking 100% like tiny presents the overall look of this is kind of  tartan-y. Meh, tartan or presents they're alright overall I guess.

Nail Polishes used were:
Ulta3 - mini polishes - Luck of the Irish, Gold Rush Fever, Pot of Gold, Disco Fever, Glamourpuss, Twinkle Toes
- Frog Prince, Sizzling Red
Glisten and Glow - HK Girl Top Coat

2 days until Christmas!Now to decide on what nails to wear Christmas day.

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