Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Watermarble Triangles (Sort of...)

I mentioned in a previous post that I accidentally cut my nails down a tad too far. Well today's nail art is proof that even small nails can get some loving. And I mean real loving because they got watermarbled, which isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world.

So in person, these looked awesomesauce, but the top coat smudged the marble design a tad. I was just a bit lazy to grab my other top coat. I also don't think they photographed to well, but trust me, they were cool. Annoyingly though, this wasn't actually the design I was going for, however at least I managed to get triangle-ish shapes happening on all nails...so that's a win.

Product wise absolutely everything is by Bella Belle Nail Couture because her polishes watermarble brilliantly. So to list the colours:
Bella Belle Nail Couture - Pebble, Concrete, Jet, Diamonds, Dust Trail, Snow, I Like it on Top and Base

Oh and just a shout out to crappy colouring of photo's. I swear the base polish is actually grey, not purple. My top picture is probably the most colour accurate of all. Yay for watermarble!

Watermarble nails

Watermarble nails

Watermarble nails

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