Sunday, 20 July 2014

Ducky Polish Glitter Gradient

Hello and welcome to my new blog, again. This is my third nail art blog I have started and I promise it will be the last one. Some of you may be wondering where the name Clavum es originates from. Well Clavum es is Latin for Nail Art. I wanted to name my blog something sort of scientific, due to the fact I am a scientist, so I decided to give nail art a scientific name. Most scientific names are in Latin, so I simply translated nail art and the name stuck.

Now straight into some nail art as after all, this is a nail art blog.

This glitter gradient was created using some nail polishes I got while I was in China. The polish bottles are the cutest things ever, look at that little ducky, but the formula is atrocious. No regrets buying these though, they cost me about $2 Australian and I’ll definitely be using the bottles for something in the future.

To do the glitter gradient I first painted a base of pink ducky polish then added a fast dry top coat, because the polish wouldn’t dry. I then used a sponge to add the glitter ducky polish, because it was impossible to pick up glitter using the brush. I added another layer of top coat to smooth the whole thing over. For the accent finger the polish is Rimmel – Limealicious and the bow is from the Born Pretty Store which I attached using top coat.

Glitter gradient nail art

Glitter gradient nail art

Glitter gradient nail art

Glitter gradient nail art

I hope you liked these nails and are as excited about this new blog as I am. Please do subscribe and check out my instagram if you like what you see as there will be more of it :D

-          Melissa

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