Thursday, 31 July 2014

(Scientifically Accurate) Mushroom Nail Art

A few days ago I posted some bee nails inspired partially by the fact my name means bumble bee in Greek. Today I have some more nail art inspired by my favourite things so without further ado I introduce my mushroom nail art!

Mushroom Nail Art

The reason I like mushrooms is because they come in all shapes, colours and types, they look awesome under a microscope and not a lot is known about them. Basically I want to be a mycologist (fungi scientist) one day but at the moment I will settle for just painting mushrooms my nails. 

To get a little science-y, the mushrooms I attempted to paint are all members of the family Mycena.  They are not exactly 100%  accurate however as not all have wood as their primary substrate/food source (the background is meant to be tree bark) and as I'm not much for drawing/colours. Anyway, the "species" are: 
- Index: Mycena leaiana (mature)
- Middle: Mycena interrupta
- Ring: Mycena viscidocruenta
- Pinky: Mycena epipterygia

As for the polishes, the wood grained background was done with BC Co. - Shade 26, Cover Girl - Toasted Almond and Kiko Cosmetics - Shade 373 using the dry brush technique. Everything else was done using acrylic paint and a toothpick.
Wood grained nail art
The wood grained base and my mycology textbooks
Mushroom nail art

Mushroom Nail Art

Mushroom Nail Art

Although they're not perfect, I still think these are quite cute. What do you think?

- Melissa

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